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offers our own product, Fiberfit™. Fiberfit is an ultra low carb, ultra low calorie sweetened liquid fiber dietary supplement made with sucralose. Sucralose is sugar that has been chemically altered to become non-digestible, while at the same time becoming 600 times sweeter than an equivalent amount of sugar. Because of its carbohydrate sources, Fiberfit is an exellent choice for low-carb dieters and diabetics. When people move to low-carb diets, they tend to loose fiber, as well. Fiberfit provides 1 gram of fiber in each teaspoon and has just 4 calories from complex carbs (whose net effect is zero calories). Though pure sucralose is extremely sweet, Fiberfit is sweetened to be 8 times as sweet as sugar. A little bit of Fiberfit goes a long way. It can be used for all sorts of cooking and baking.


(coming in 2014) is the website for REBAR, our men's erectile rehabilitation product. As men age, the veins and capillaries in the penis tend to lose flexibility and also begin to leak, resulting in weaker erections. The ingredients in Rebar have been shown in studies to, over time, repair those damages and improve erectile quality.


is your source for information about nutritional supplements for fitness and bodybuilding. This site is dedicated to selling supplements that really work, as opposed to ones that are hyped in magazines so you, the consumer, don't feel ripped off. Some of the things you will find on Bestbodysupplements.com are: whey proteins, glutamine, creatine, maltodextrin, fat burners, legal hormone boosters, and growth hormone releasers.



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